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Sidewalk Nature : Everyday Wonders in Everyday Habitat Loss

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• And, as an archive is my Bible Belt Balabusta: hands-on, Jewy ideas for parents and teachers)

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Guided (Ecotone)
This is How a Robin Drinks (Creative Nonfiction Sunday Short Reads)
This is How a Robin Drinks (Brevity)
Dragonfly, Secondhand
(The Hopper) (Nominated for a Pushcart Prize)
Same Bat Time
(Stonecrop Review)

House Wren
(Fourth Genre)

Winter Solstice (Chapter 16)
It Was a Yellow-Billed Cuckoo (The Common: Dispatch)
Bring Back the Bones
(Flyway Journal of Writing & Environment)
What White Tree is Blooming Now (The Hopper) (Nominated for a Pushcart Prize)
Climbing the Walls (Talking Writing anthology, Into Sanity)
Can’t Eat Just One (City Creatures Blog)
Along Came a Spider (City Creatures Blog)

Eponymous (About Place Journal)
Raptor Ready 
(Longleaf Review)
Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral (Vine Leaves Literary Journal)
Naked Ladies and Cicadas (Hippocampus)

A Dandelion Is To Blow  (storySouth) (New Millennium Award finalist)
With Luck More Seasonable (Animal: a Beast of a Literary Magazine)
What a Butterfly Means (Tributaries: Fourth River)
Field Trip Leavings (Fourth River)
A Wiped Wall Gathers No Mold (Dead Housekeeping)
Nature of the Material (The Ilanot Review)
Bud Wiser (Jewish Literary Journal)
Bloom is a Jewish Name (Killing the Buddha)
Teaching Your Kids How to Track Animals at Home (GeekDad)
Mother’s Day: Give and Take (Mamalode)
Witnessing With Wildflowers (Bible Belt Balabusta)
The Iconography of Tam Tams (Gone Jewish)
An Osage Exposé (Garden Rant)
Clementine, My Darling: an Almost-Memoir (The Normal School online)

CITIZEN SCIENCE: observations

Joanna Brichetto (Jo)
• MA, Jewish Studies, Vanderbilt
• Tennessee Naturalist
(2012 certification, Tennessee Naturalist Program, Owl’s Hill Chapter)

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