Writer / Naturalist / Migraineur

Sidewalk Nature (Look Around: Nearby Nature)
Bible Belt Balabusta (Hands-on, Jewy ideas for parents and teachers)

Instagram @Jo_Brichetto
Facebook (all nature pics are Public)
Twitter @JoannaBrichetto

Dragonfly, Secondhand (The Hopper) (Nominated for a Pushcart Prize)
Same Bat Time
(Stonecrop Review)
This is How a Robin Drinks (Creative Nonfiction Sunday Short Reads)
This is How a Robin Drinks
House Wren
(Fourth Genre)

Winter Solstice (Chapter 16)
It Was a Yellow-Billed Cuckoo (The Common: Dispatch)
Bring Back the Bones
(Flyway Journal of Writing & Environment)
What White Tree is Blooming Now (The Hopper) (Nominated for a Pushcart Prize)
Climbing the Walls (Talking Writing anthology, Into Sanity)
Can’t Eat Just One (City Creatures Blog)
Along Came a Spider (City Creatures Blog)

Eponymous (About Place Journal)
Raptor Ready 
(Longleaf Review)
Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral (Vine Leaves Literary Journal)
Naked Ladies and Cicadas (Hippocampus)

A Dandelion Is To Blow  (storySouth) (New Millennium Award finalist)
With Luck More Seasonable (Animal: a Beast of a Literary Magazine)
What a Butterfly Means (Tributaries: Fourth River)
Field Trip Leavings (Fourth River)
A Wiped Wall Gathers No Mold (Dead Housekeeping)
Nature of the Material (The Ilanot Review)
Bud Wiser (Jewish Literary Journal)
Bloom is a Jewish Name (Killing the Buddha)
Teaching Your Kids How to Track Animals at Home (GeekDad)
Mother’s Day: Give and Take (Mamalode)
Witnessing With Wildflowers (Bible Belt Balabusta)
The Iconography of Tam Tams (Gone Jewish)
An Osage Exposé (Garden Rant)
Clementine, My Darling: an Almost-Memoir (The Normal School online)

CITIZEN SCIENCE: observations

Joanna Brichetto
• MA, Jewish Studies, Vanderbilt
• Tennessee Naturalist
(2012 certification, Tennessee Naturalist Program, Owl’s Hill Chapter)

Hub Cap Seder Plate

I also make things:
The first Manischewitz Tiki Torch and the first Manischewitz Tiki Torch Menorah
The first PEZuzah: PEZ dispenser  + mezuzah = Pez-uzah
The first LEGO graggers (for the holiday of Purim)




5 thoughts on “JOANNA BRICHETTO

  1. Was happy to read your thesis. I had seen “The Flying Dutchman” and “Underneath the Lintel” in the same week, and was looking for more background.

  2. Hey, Joanna! I am planning a Chanukah event, and I am definitely going to do a dreidle making table and a dreidle spinning contest. Do you have a special source for legos, or do you just go to the local lego store? And if you ever want to shlep up to Connecticut, the Nutmeggers would love it! Miss you and Nashville —

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