Hub Cap Seder Plate

Hub Cap Seder Plate

I write.  When I write for myself, it’ll be somewhere amid the intersections of art, culture, religion and nature.

I also make things and then write about them. Two achievements of which I am inordinately proud:

I  invented the PEZuzah: PEZ dispenser  + mezuzah = Pez-uzah.   See that article here.

I created the first LEGO groggers (for the Jewish holiday of Purim).  See that article here.

Oh, and here are the cicada-skin earrings I made during the cicada invasion of 2011.

Thank you for visiting.  Wish I could offer you a cup of  tea.

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  1. Was happy to read your thesis. I had seen “The Flying Dutchman” and “Underneath the Lintel” in the same week, and was looking for more background.

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